exercise tips for weight loss

Daily Exercise Tips For Weight Loss-2023

exercise tips for weight loss:
Hey, today I will give you a little bit exercise tips for weight loss. No matter how busy you are, if you do a routine for daily exercise, you can easily do the necessary activities every day. Morning, noon, afternoon or evening – no matter what time you exercise, there will be some changes in the type of exercise from time to time. Today in our article, we will give you daily exercise tips.

Daily Exercise Tips

Many people start exercising after waking up and sitting on the bed. It is better not to do challenging exercises. Because the body needs to have enough energy for exercise. Usually, after waking up, the body does not have that energy.

Here are some exercise tips for weight loss

  1. Take a light jogging or morning walk half an hour after waking up.
  2. Exercise a few hours after breakfast.
  3. You should not do exercise on an empty stomach.

If you plan to exercise in the morning, go to bed early.

After seven to eight hours of sleep,

you should take some rest; then you start your exercise.

If one day it is too late to go to bed, do not start exercising at the specified time as per the previous rule.

Give the body at least three hours to become active after waking up.

Only when the body’s energy level reaches normal will you start exercising.

During the day

For those who plan to do heavy exercise, choose any one time of the day. Walk for half an hour without sitting down after lunch. If you want to exercise for two hours, you must keep that time during the day. As a result of doing heavy exercise, many-body limbs get stretched. It takes a long time to relax. So it is better to choose any time of the day.


Employees walk a short distance on their way home from work. When walking, make sure that you can walk one kilometre in 10 minutes. Be sure to relax before exercising in the evening so that you do not feel tired exercising. Many came back from the office at this time. Again, many return at night. Do not start exercising if you feel tired.

Eat something light and get rid of fatigue. Evening time yoga is best for health. Since these exercises have to be done slowly, there is not much pressure on the body. You

can also exercise using a treadmill and cycling.


The type of exercise should be determined according to the body’s ability and age. If you have back pain or shortness of breath, you will not be able to do all kinds of exercises. In this case, you can exercise with expert advice.

More Daily Exercise Tips For Weight Loss
  • If there is no balance between exercise and eating
  • time, the benefits of exercise will not be available. The
  • type of exercise will also vary according to the time. In
  • that case, you must do a routine.
  • It is not suitable for your body and mind if you do not
  • exercise due to busyness. So it is better to do some
  • time than not exercise at all.
  • Body temperature and blood circulation increase after
  • As a result, the body becomes more functional, and fatigue goes away. You can exercise

with your hands for at least three hours before going to sleep.

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