Hammer Strength Machine

Best Hammer Strength Machine For Your Workout-2023

Hammer Strength machine is a unique combination of “Free Weight” and “Machine Technology”. It is an appropriate instrument for beginner-level gym freaks and experts. It is a trendy and acceptable solution among all levels of workout lovers. Let me explain its mechanism. The Hammer Strength machine is a weight plate. Anyone can put a weight plate according to their abilities. The weight is not fixed, so you can put weight as you like.

Interestingly, there are several types of Hammer Strength machines for Training almost any part of the body. It can be used for back and bicep workouts, chest workouts, belly fat workouts, etc.

The counterbalance mechanism of the Hammer Strength machine Is fascinating. If you are applying pressure on the right side more than the left, you will identify this imbalance with the help of the Hammer Press. You will feel that the left side of your body is moving more minor, and the Hammer Press will force you to activate your left part.

Doing workouts with Free Weights like Dumbbells, Kettlebells, and Barbells, but in the Free Weight system, you won’t realize this imbalance most of the time.

At this stage, you are suggested to choose your daily workout mode wisely.

Daily workouts can be divided into several categories.

  1. Aerobic Training; makes the heart beat faster. Example: , Cycling, Swimming, etc.
  2. Flexibility Training; stretch the body muscles. Example: YOGA or Stretching etc.
  3. Strength Training. Model: Free Weight or Hammer Machine exercise.

So, first and foremost, you should go with what your body can tolerate. Identify your physical condition and health. Then choose the best training package.

Types of Hammer Press Machine:

  • Ground-Based Jammer

This is a vertical pull-down of weights by standing position. This exercise helps various body muscles, like the shoulder, chest, arm, and abdominal.

  • Hammer Strength Pulldown

This is a vertical pull-down off weights by sitting position. It also targets muscles like deltoids, major and minor pectoralis, triceps, etc.

  • Iso-lateral Bicep Curl

It mainly targets the biceps. Build-up and stretching of the biceps are the main benefits.

  • Squat Lunge, V-squat, and Back Squat

These three types of workouts are pretty similar. You have to carry weights in different positions. It improves blood circulation, burns fats, and gives flexibility and posture to the body.

  • Iso-lateral Seated Row

Push and pull the weights in a sitting position. It’s a great exercise to burn calories. It improves heart and lungs activities with the slightest chance of injury.

  • 45-Degree Leg Press

It’s a 45-degree inclined movement of your legs. This workout helps strengthen your limb muscle like the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calf.

  • Iso-lateral Leg Extension

It’s a vertical movement of your legs. Just sit down, straighten your legs and move them up and down. It improves the strength of the quadriceps. By doing this, you will feel more accurate control over your legs.

  • Iso-lateral Leg Curl

Like leg extension, you have to move your legs in the opposite direction. This workout targets your knee and makes them more stable. It also toughens the leg muscles.

  • Iso-lateral Chest Press

It’s done by lifting weights vertically in a lying position. It targets and builds up the whole chest muscle group. It’s safer than the typical flat bench press.

  • Iso-lateral Shoulder Press

It’s an exclusive shoulder movement exercise that targets shoulder muscles like deltoids. A little more complicated version of the shoulder press is called the military press. Military press targets the deltoids as well as the biceps too.


  • Who invented Hammer Strength Machine?

Gary Jones invented the Hammer Strength Machine. He was from Arkansas, USA

  • Which Hammer Strength machine is best?

Hammer Strength Machines comes in different variety. You can choose any of them according to your workout.

  • Is the Hammer Strength machine suitable for the Entry-level?

Yes. It is the best solution for entry-level/beginners and the experienced.

  • How does the Hammer Strength machine impact your body?

Hammer Strength Machine build-up and shape your body muscle in a precise way. It follows the rules of the natural characteristics of our body. You can avail positive outcomes with this workout machine.

  • How much does Hammer Strength Machine cost?

The cost of Hammer Strength Equipment is relatively high. But compared to its benefits, Convenience is more than price.

Are you looking for the best hammer strength machine?

Which hammer strength machine is best for you?

Confused?Well, let me help you.There are different types of hammer strength machines. Each Verity has its advantages. It would help if you decided which one to choose. Read the article above for more information.

Benefits of Hammer Press Machine:
  • It is an advantageous combination of Free Weights and Machine Technology.
  • Balanced use of the natural movement of the body. It helps to move the muscles precisely.
  • Minimize the danger of being hurt. It helps you not to cramp your muscles.
  • It needs no spotter or helping hand to lift the weights.
  • High durability.

But everything in the world has some weak side too. So do the hammer strength machine.

  • Hammer strength machines are engineered stuff. So sometimes, it can’t follow the natural movements of the body.
  • It will gradually build your muscle. Not suitable for people who need to change their body muscles dramatically.
Free weight exercise vs hammer strength exercise:

Topic Free weight Hammer strength machine

Definition These are exercise equipment sizes small to big and don’t have any mechanical parts. This is engineered equipment based on weight plate and hinge movement.

Examples Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbells etc. Shoulder press, Leg press, Chest press etc.

Setup preference Good for home gym setup, Good for both home and commercial design.

Weight limit It doesn’t have weight a limit It has a specific weight limit.

Expertise level Both experts and beginners can utilize it. It is also suitable for both but especially for beginners.

Gender preference Sometimes not convenient for females because there’s a risk of injury. It’s much safer for all men and women.


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Titan Fitness Plate Loaded Chest Press Machine:

titan fitness plate loaded chest press machine

  • Features:
  • Adjustable mechanism
  • 13 variable height position
  • Olympic category load plates can be used
  • Five lift arm positions
  • Specifications:
  • Weight: 70.31 kg/ 155 pound
  • Lifting arm length: 86.34 cm
  • Footprint: 162.5 W * 160 L
  • Seat dimensions: 30 * 31.75 cm
  • Handle moves vertically: 67.3 cm
  • Weight capacity: 453.6 kg/ 1000 pound

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Powertec leg press:

powertec leg press

  • Features:
  • Strong and durable machine
  • Four weight plates can be attached
  • Maximum weight capacity: 1000 pound
  • Comfortable seat material
  • Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 201 x 93 x 137 cm
  • Stainless steel body along with weight rack
  • Colour: black

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Plate-Loaded Iso-Lateral Low Row:

Plate-Loaded Iso-Lateral Low Row


  • Features:
  • plate loaded fitness equipment / gym equipment
  • Super quality PU leather seat
  • Specification:
  • dimensions: 132 x 86 x 180 cm
  • Product Weight: 152kg / 335lb
  • Weight Stack: Plate Loaded
  • Starting Resistance: 3.6kg / 8lb

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Plate Loaded Leg Extension:


Plate Loaded Leg Extension

  • Specification:
  • Dimensions: 119 cm x 163 cm x 130 cm
  • Product Weight: 134kg / 295lb
  • Weight Stack: Plate Loaded
  • 4 lb. (1.8 kg) per work-arm
  • Weight Horns: 2

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Maxfit ISO Lateral Biceps Machine:

Maxfit ISO Lateral Biceps Machine


  • Specifications:
  • Brand Maxfit
  • Max User Weight 300 lb. (136 kg)
  • Length 129 cm
  • Width 128 cm
  • Height 146 cm
  • Machine Weight 145 Kg

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